Why Capitals?

Before starting off, let’s address a few basics about capital cities and this blog.

What is a capital city?

Usually it’s the seat of government in a state, province, country or other region. Some countries have different branches of the government in different cities, making their capital situation a bit more complex. Other countries have a constitutional capital, but keep their government in another city. As we come to those countries, this blog will point out those idiosyncrasies.

Why won’t I see places like Puerto Rico or Greenland listed here?

This blog uses the UN list of 193 member states, 2 observer states (Vatican City and Palestine), Kosovo and the relatively new state of South Sudan. We are located in the United States and the US recognizes Kosovo and South Sudan as countries, so both have been included to round out the 197.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the US and therefore not a sovereign state. Likewise, Greenland is a self governing territory of Denmark. Perhaps once this project finishes in about 4 years, we’ll move on to capitals of states whose sovereignty is more complicated.

Why world capitals? Why not major world cities?

  1. The goal of this blog is to explore every country in the world. Not every country has a major world city, while others have multiple major cities.
  2. Capital cities usually possess a certain amount of political and cultural importance. After all, there’s a reason they were chosen to be the capital city! Some capitals are the most populated cities in their countries; some are not. But they all have an interesting story to tell, and if you want to get to know a little about a country capital cities are a good place to start.




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