Tegucigalpa, Honduras

What’s in a name? There are several proposed meanings behind Tegucigalpa. Several theories believe that it was derived from the Nahuatl language, but differ on the exact etymology source: Taguz-galpa – “hills of silver” Togogalpa – a small green parrot Tecuztlicallipan – “place of residence of a noble” Tegucigalpa – “in the homes of sharp… Continue reading Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Nouakchott, Mauritania – “The Place of the Winds”

Achieved Capitalhood – 1958 Population: 1958 – a small fishing village of around 200 people; plans were put in place to expand the city so that it could accommodate 15,000 Present – with an official estimate of just under 1,000,000 and unofficial estimates of 2,000,000, Nouakchott is the largest city in Mauritania and one of the largest… Continue reading Nouakchott, Mauritania – “The Place of the Winds”

Why Capitals?

Before starting off, let’s address a few basics about capital cities and this blog. What is a capital city? Usually it’s the seat of government in a state, province, country or other region. Some countries have different branches of the government in different cities, making their capital situation a bit more complex. Other countries have a constitutional… Continue reading Why Capitals?